Growing up Mr. Horn’s father worked for the National Park Service and this gave him an amazing opportunity to live in a large number of fascinating locations.
He has worked in a wide variety of jobs ranging from custodian to executive editor. Among these,
Mr. Horn worked for several years in rehab and secured dementia units in long term care facilities. He also had the unusual opportunity to work as a maintenance worker for the Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona. The Grand Hotel is considered one of the most haunted places in America.
For the past several years he has worked as a journalist and executive editor for the Mogollon Connection newspaper, and has contributed to other publications including founding Oddities Magazine.
Currently he and his beautiful wife Pamela have seven children and enjoy the peace of the White Mountains. Mr. Horn is passionate about writing and illustrating for children, and is endlessly crafting new projects including web sites and music projects. He plays bass in a local rock band with friends and when he is not attempting to hide the skeletons kept in his closet, he is busy running from them.