Terrible Things


Very excited to announce the release of my new middle-grade fiction book Terrible Things. Betrayal, revenge, and secret crushes… Melody always thought that Jr High was going to be tough, but nothing could have prepared her for the Terrible Things that were in store for her… From demonic creatures with lashing tentacles, to diabolical dolls and ancient talking cats, Melody will have to not only overcome temptation led by an unstoppable evil, but also her own emotions if she hopes to save herself and the ones she loves. When 12 year old Melody overhears her best friend betray her with the boy that she likes, she sets out to get her revenge. However her plan to destroy her backfires, making Melody the joke of the school. That is until she meets Ulthar, a sinister ancient talking cat who agrees to help her make those who laughed at her pay, for a price. What Melody does not realize is that there is something far more diabolical at work and in order for her to save herself and those she loves she will need to make peace with her struggling emotions, and stand up against the prodding of an evil cat, a horrific monster, and two sinister foes before it is too late. This is a story about resisting temptation and a fun, creepy, and sometimes suspenseful look at why we can sometimes give in to it.

Check out the teaser for the release HERE


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