For the Sake of Our Children

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Concerned parents and leaders, our children need you. From the Mogollon Connection series For the sake of our children author Jesse Horn offers conversations with some of the most fascinating minds and talents, each with a love and concern for the future of our children. In this first of two volumes Horn features exclusive interviews and insights from notable individuals such as:

James Burke – Author, historian, television producer, and visionary

Dan Carlin – Political commentator, radio host and podcaster

Dr. Michio Kaku – Theoretical Physicist and Best Selling Author

Dr. S.M. Davis nationally renowned author and speaker

Akiane Kramarik – internationally recognized child prodigy

NUTTIN’ BUT STRINGZ – Grammy Nominated Artists and Activists Damien and Tourie Escobar

Dr. Laura – American Radio Host, Author and Conservative Commentator

Gary Thomas – award winning and bestselling author

Michael Gurian – therapist, consultant lecturer, and New York Times bestselling author

Newt Gingrich former Speaker of the House of Representatives, professor, and Best Selling author

Amanda Palmer – singer, lyricist, Pianist, and composer of The Dresden Dolls

Kathy Vosburgh – creator of the Golden Mustang program

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar – conservative family and stars of The Learning Channel and Discovery Health’s 19 Kids and Counting

Governor Jan Brewer – Advocate for Children and 22nd Governor of Arizona

Joy Daugherty – Child Life Coordinator

Sarah Maurer – Canser survivor and Child Life Coordinator

Ross Ellis Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Love Our Children USA

Catherine Ryan Hyde – Author and founder of the Pay It Forward Foundation

Gris Grimly – Renowned Artist, Illustrator, Filmmaker and Storyteller

John McCain – Former Republican Nominee for President and Senior United States Senator

Kim Novick – Development Director and Co-Founder of the Tony Hawk Foundation

Duff Goldman – Owner of Charm City Cakes, Food Artist, and Star of Food Networks

Phil Hansen – Internet Sensation and World Renowned Artist

Jerome Glenn – Cofounder of the Millennium Project

Merrilee Boyack – Speaker, award winning author

Dr. Jane Nelsen – renowned speaker, author and therapist.

For the Sake of Our Children In an attempt to give a wide spectrum of ideas centered on the obstacles facing our youth, Horn published 26 interviews with experts and celebrities ranging from presidential candidates to rock stars focusing on two questions: What do you feel is the biggest obstacle facing our youth today? And what do you feel can or should be done about it? This special edition features several never before published interviews.

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